Enter the Realm of Tinil’Gan

For over two thousand years, the Archmage Azrael has prepared to challenge destiny. As foretold by prophecy, Leto, God of Chaos, will soon unleash his power on the world, sowing discord and anarchy throughout the realms in a bid to rule creation. Azrael intends to stop him.

His pupil Isidora has spent her entire life dedicated to the study of magic, trained since a young age by the most powerful mage in the realm. After a five year absence, Isidora enlists the aid of her teacher and begins a quest to become a Summoner, an aspect of magic that allows her to summon the spirits of dead heroes. What she does not expect is to drawn into a clash of nations. Is she just a pawn in a game of politics? Or does she have a greater role to play in the coming conflict?

With the freedom of the world and the stability of the Pantheon of Gods at stake, the Archmage and his protégé travel through realms on the brink of war.

In a chess match involving Lords, Kings, and Deities, student and teacher strive to remain one move ahead, to change Isidora’s fate, and save the world in the process.

Souls of Magic’s Dawn: Book 1 of The Magic’s Souls Series