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Big news coming soon!

A local comic store owner (Chicago Area) has agreed to host the launch party for Souls of Magic’s Dawn at their store when it comes out! I am stoked. Details to be hammered out in about a week. Will release the deets of where it will be around the weekend of 8/24. I still don’t have a launch date yet, much to to do, but hopefully around November of December. There will be a newsletter announcement when it is official

In other news…

  • I am still hard at work on the final edit, making my way into chapter 9 of the post editor rewrite. I wish I could give a time table for when I will have this done but work/life balance makes that hard. My very loose goal is by the end of September 2019. 
  • I have made contact with an artist I know who was a classmate of my son at MIAD who does amazing work. We are in talks for the rate structure to do some sketch concept art of some of the characters and locations within Souls of Magic’s Dawn.

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