Souls of Magic’s Dawn-Final Cover

After many revisions, adjustments, and brainstorming, 100Covers has finally delivered the final cover art for Book 1 of the Covenant of Souls, Souls of Magic’s Night.

I can’t begin to explain how thrilled I am with this amazing work that so completely captures the feel of the world and the essence that is Isidora.  There is a story with how I picked this one. The very first concept they sent me had this model in a brown corset with a white shirt underneath and a brown skirt. Very typical of a medieval woman clothing you’d see in fantasy art. However Isidora is a mage, she is not just some maiden, or a warrior. Her face however was perfect. The longing I see in her eye’s as she looks down at the summoning circle that she kneels upon is a perfect representation of her longing to be a Summoner.  So I sent it back asking for the same model, just put her in black robes.

They sent me back one that was a completely different model. Her pose had changed, she was completely kneeling now wearing robes and looking at the reader. Her face was beautiful, but too perfect. What I mean by this is the model looked more like one you would see on a romance novel, and idealized beauty, not a natural one.  This was not the look I wanted for Isidora. I sent it back again asking for the original model in robes. They sent me on similar to the original, dressed in black, but it looked like a dress, not robes. We were getting closer. I sent back again stating they needed to be robes. Which finally lead us to this one. It is a hybrid of the original. She isn’t wearing the robes the way I pictured it in my mind when creating her, but it works. It is better than my original, more plain imagining. 

We also played around with the font in the revisions, the original title font was good for the fantasy genre, but it felt dated to me. Similar to the font on the original 70’s printings of the Dune series.  When I finally found the current one.  I ran a poll with my email list and although a close race, the one you see above won. It all came together.   

I am so excited to reveal this to everyone and  I sincerely hope it catches your eye and imagination as it has mine.