Images of Tinil’Gan

In a fantasy world such as Tinil’Gan that is set within the pages of the Magic’s Souls Series, I have always found it important to incorporate visuals. These visuals help the reader see the world not just through words but to also experience the world as a real place, through images such as maps. 

The Known World of Tinil’Gan-

There is an eternal landscape, a geography of the soul; we search for its outlines all our lives.
~Josephine Hart

This world sprouted from my imagination. When I was writing this tale, I could see all these places in my mind, individually. However I needed to tie them all together into a cohesive realm. One with borders, topography, obstacles, and beauty. I had drew this map from that vision. I am no artist by any means, but I am proud of myself that I created this. I will undoubtedly hire an artist to make one as well as the series goes one, but this map will be a part of the books as is, even if it is not perfect. As if drawn by a young sailor who hails from The Spokes drew this themselves, on a scrap piece of parchment as they explored the world.

The Stars and Constellations-

Astrology has typically played a big part in fantasy worlds. I admit, I am a fan of this trope.  Therefore I needed to create a constellation map that features the major formations in regards to the gods and theology of the realm of Tinil’Gan.

This is also another creation of my own using a simple online star map creator. While (like the map before) I do enjoy the amateur aesthetic, this I will mostly also commission an artist to render more appealing to the eye .

The constellation depicts the 7 major deities, all “siblings” who created the world of Tinil’Gan, “The Three”, the older and most powerful of the divine family are Astraea of Balance, Artio of Order, and Leto of Chaos.  Astraea is represented by an eight star formation in the shape of a scale. Artio is represented by a seven star formation with the brightest star in the middle as the flame resembling a lantern. Leto is represented by a ten star formation of a compass with no needle.

The younger sibilings who assisted The Three with the formation of the world are known as “The Elements”. They are Cerridwen of Nature, Caillech of Winds, Blancheflor of Seas, and Arduinna of Sky.  Cerridwen is represented by a five star formation of a set of antlers. Caillech is represented by a six star formation of a lightning bolt. Blancheflor is represented by a seven star formation of a fish. Arduinna is represented by a seven star formation of a crescent moon.

Cover Art-

Landscapes of Tini’Gan

I found the artist’s interpretation of the two cities of San’Seban and Luminos absolutely breathtaking.